Working Hand in Hand with Crowdstrike

Working Hand In Hand With Crowdstrike

Any respectably sized business will have an IT security team that they hire for in-house work to keep their data and technology safe. It is something that is commonplace these days, and it is the only way to rest assured at the end of the day that you and your customers are completely safe from the threats that loom out there. Believe it or not, those threats are larger than you think.

Crowdstrike has done a great job creating products that can work seamlessly with the in-house solutions that you already have. They produce a number of technologies that all fly under the banner of “Falcon”. There is Falcon Overwatch, Falcon Discover, Falcon Prevent, and more. Each of these individual services from Crowdstrike at Aquion¬† provides a unique element to the task of keeping your data and information secure. That is all that the company wants to do as part of its mission to be the very best cyber-security firm out there. So far, they have done an excellent job of this, and it has helped them to earn a lot of new customers along the way.

Crowdstrike is great because they do not require you to drop everything that you have been doing with cyber security. In reality, they would like to work with the existing infrastructure that you already have in order to build out something that is more powerful and better at detecting threats than ever before. You might be surprised by how well this works out for them. Crowdstrike has prevented countless attacks for their customers, and they only continue to get better at what they do.
The customers really appreciate that Crowdstrike keeps up to date with the latest threats to technology. The reality is that those threats are changing all the time. The only way to have a truly effective security system is to change with the times as well. You can make a difference in your ability to prevent attacks from happening, but you need some help from some of the security firms that are out there to provide that help to you.

What is the system that you are using right now to keep yourself safe from harm? Could it be enhanced with the help of a 24/7 monitoring team like the ones offered from Crowdstrike? These are the kinds of questions that you have to ask yourself. Find out more at Aquion:

The problem with what many other companies do in terms of technology security is that they only react after something bad has already happened. In other words, they call their IT professionals after hours and ask them to take a look at something that is happening to the system. By the time it is even apparently that something is wrong, the hackers could have gotten away with stealing all kinds of data. It is not a system that works. Instead, we should try to figure out the best way to prevent attacks before they ever happen in the first place. The answer there is to go with Crowdstrike.

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