Who is Globalscape?

General Information

  • Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas
  • Number: 1-210-366-3993
  • CEO: Matthew Goulet

Who Is Globalscape?

Globalscape is a software developer in the vanguard of data integration developments. In fact, they’re revered as “pioneers in securing and automating online file transfers.” Developed in 1996, Globalscape thrives at the intersection of revolutionary ideas and world-class professionalism. Headquartered in the heart of Texas, Globalscape proudly serves over 13,000 consumers. Their primary services are as follows.

  • Deployment services
  • Training
  • EFT Best Practices tutorials
  • Automation development support
  • Product support
  • File system replacements
  • Data transfers within compliant sectors
  • Make HTTP files into HTTPS files
  • Managed file transfer services
  • Cloud integration
  • Data integration

Globalscape at Aquion is so cutting-edge that they’ve created their own flagship product, EFT. Here’s an overview of what EFT is and what it offers.

  • Enhanced File Transfer
  • Ensures security of file transfers
  • Comes equipped with compliance controls
  • Requires two-factor authentication to guarantee hackers don’t infiltrate your personals
  • Detects and then replaces unreliable legacy systems
  • Offers reporting and visibility
  • Enterprise-level safeguarding
  • Workflow automation
  • Managed file transferring

A Company Of Many Merits
Armed with a prestigious reputation and renowned success to boot, Globalscape is a powerhouse in their industry. In fact, here are honorable titles they’ve been awarded over the 20 years they’ve been in business.

  • Earned a 5-star rating from CRN Partner Program Guide
  • CRN Channel Chief
  • One of the best companies to work for in Texas
  • Top workplaces in Texas
  • Best places to work
  • Champion – Info-tech research realm

If you’ll notice, many of Globalscape’s accolades allude to a favorable work enviornment. Here’s what employees find most beneficial about working for Globalscape. Learn more at https://www.aquion.com.au/.

  • The atmosphere promotes team spirit
  • The HR team sees to the needs of staffers
  • Not much overtime required
  • They’re constantly reinventing the wheel
  • The location is central to many people
  • Fair benefits
  • Room for growth
  • Opportunities to cultivate new skills

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