Twistlock Keeps You Safe

Twistlock Helps Customers Keep Their Containers Safe In Our Technological World

The attacks of the future that we could be facing are likely of the technological variety. This is because technology is playing an increasingly important role in our lives, and because we are starting to rely on that same technology to help us do even the most basic of tasks these days. Things that we did not use to have to rely on electronics for are suddenly only being done electronically. That makes them vulnerable to attack.

These are the types of things that the people at Twistlock think about all the time. They are the leading technology security firm when it comes to protecting shipping containers. Although that work is highly critical to the success of our society, it is not the only thing that they do anymore. They are also heavily focused on making sure that our consumer electronics are safe as well.

Twistlock has watched as more and more devices have become connected devices. These means that they are tied into the cloud in some way or fashion. In other words, Twistlock by Aquion feed data into another system somewhere and perhaps even store data internally as well. This is important because the more connected devices there are, the more points of entry those who wish to do us harm have.

In order to stop this kind of thing, Twistlock has its own unique program that learns to identify patterns of its users to figure out what is normal activity for them. This is a unique feature that is only available with Twistlock products. They want their system to learn as much as possible about the customer’s particular way of doing things so as to be able to pick out when there is some type of activity that is outside of the norm. At the same time, there is no human control behind all of this. It is simply a machine that is learning very rapidly to identify patterns. That means that it can work quickly and more accurately.

Shipping containers do remain as a large part of what Twistlock protects. They want to make sure that anything coming into or out of a customer’s port is safe material and that it has not been tampered with in any way that could make it harmful to the end user. Most companies care about this particular service offered by Twistlock because they realize just how important it is to maintain the trust that their customers have put in them to deliver products that are safe.
Twistlock is already the industry leader in shipping container technological safety, so you know that this means that they have worked very diligently to make sure those containers are the safest around. Twistlock from has a head start on the rest of the industry in this particular field, and now that they are expanding into more consumer protections, you will probably hear a lot more about them in the near future as well. Listen to what you hear about them and see if there is something positive that you can glean from what they do.

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