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Redlock Protects You

Major Brands Trust Redlock To Keep Them Protected

Is there any better endorsement of the security services that a company has to offer than when other major brands are willing to jump on board with them and use their services. This has happened time and time again with Redlock.

Redlock is an IT security company that continues to launch new products all the time in its quest to be the major provider of technology security services for the whole of Australia. In fact, they branch out to other parts of the world as well since they sell their services via the Internet.

A big part of what Redlock does is help to protect people against threats to the data that they have stored in the cloud. This is where more and more companies are socking away at least some of their data. Redlock Aquion at want to have easy access to the data and information that they need whenever they need it, but they also potentially open themselves up to hackers by doing so. That is why Redlock is gaining in popularity so fast.

Companies like Amgen, Genpact, 21st Century Fox, and Mattress Firm have all put their trust in Redlock. You haven’t exactly been hearing about these companies in the news due to a data breach now have you? That is a pretty good sign that the Redlock services are working pretty well for them.

What Redlock does that is unique is target hackers before they are ever able to get into your systems in the first place. This means that they really do pay close attention to what is being put out on these systems and how you use your own data. If they notice something that seems to be out of the norm from what you normally do, they will make sure to get in there and see if there is an active attack in progress, find out more at Redlock Aquion If that does seem to be the case, then Redlock will shut it down right away and let you know what they have done.

It is actually pretty impressive that they are able to react this quickly. A lot of this has to do with the fact that they are fully staffed with experts in the field of IT security. They don’t hire just anyone. Instead, Redlock focuses on bringing in people that they know can help in a crisis situation.

Do you believe that your data and information is worth keeping safe at all times? If so, then you need to join up with so many others who have put their faith in this company and get their services. You can quickly eliminate worries that you have had about cloud security and so much more when you start working with a reputable service such as this one.

Once again, trust Redlock the way that some of the most trusted brands in the world do. They do not regret their decisions, and neither will you when you start to use their services and products to help keep your data safer than ever before.

Who is Globalscape?

General Information

  • Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas
  • Number: 1-210-366-3993
  • CEO: Matthew Goulet

Who Is Globalscape?

Globalscape is a software developer in the vanguard of data integration developments. In fact, they’re revered as “pioneers in securing and automating online file transfers.” Developed in 1996, Globalscape thrives at the intersection of revolutionary ideas and world-class professionalism. Headquartered in the heart of Texas, Globalscape proudly serves over 13,000 consumers. Their primary services are as follows.

  • Deployment services
  • Training
  • EFT Best Practices tutorials
  • Automation development support
  • Product support
  • File system replacements
  • Data transfers within compliant sectors
  • Make HTTP files into HTTPS files
  • Managed file transfer services
  • Cloud integration
  • Data integration

Globalscape at Aquion is so cutting-edge that they’ve created their own flagship product, EFT. Here’s an overview of what EFT is and what it offers.

  • Enhanced File Transfer
  • Ensures security of file transfers
  • Comes equipped with compliance controls
  • Requires two-factor authentication to guarantee hackers don’t infiltrate your personals
  • Detects and then replaces unreliable legacy systems
  • Offers reporting and visibility
  • Enterprise-level safeguarding
  • Workflow automation
  • Managed file transferring

A Company Of Many Merits
Armed with a prestigious reputation and renowned success to boot, Globalscape is a powerhouse in their industry. In fact, here are honorable titles they’ve been awarded over the 20 years they’ve been in business.

  • Earned a 5-star rating from CRN Partner Program Guide
  • CRN Channel Chief
  • One of the best companies to work for in Texas
  • Top workplaces in Texas
  • Best places to work
  • Champion – Info-tech research realm

If you’ll notice, many of Globalscape’s accolades allude to a favorable work enviornment. Here’s what employees find most beneficial about working for Globalscape. Learn more at

  • The atmosphere promotes team spirit
  • The HR team sees to the needs of staffers
  • Not much overtime required
  • They’re constantly reinventing the wheel
  • The location is central to many people
  • Fair benefits
  • Room for growth
  • Opportunities to cultivate new skills

A Look Into Redlock

A Look Into RedLock

Headquartered in The Golden State, RedLock is a cybersecurity corporation offering blue-chip solutions to pesky digital threats. Remedying cyber hazards is their shtick, but RedLock has a deep-seated understanding of seemingly all fields of their trade. In order to illustrate RedLock’s vast expertise, I’ve provided a list of their expansive line of services below.

  • Asset Insurance
  • Account Compromises
  • Security Governance
  • Security Operations
  • GDPR Compliance
  • SOC 2 Compliance
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Configuration Management
  • Host and Network Security
  • Insider Threats
  • Incident Response

Why Clients Rave About RedLock
As a company of many merits, RedLock seldom fails to fulfill consumer needs. In fact, here are some reasons why RedLock from is revered by the masses.

  • They provide affordable services
  • Their solutions aren’t difficult to grasp
  • RedLock resolves issues in a timely fashion
  • They take carefully calculated approaches
  • RedLock understands the importance of respecting clients
  • Their services cater to a vast array of clientele
  • RedLock implements cutting-edge tactics that’ll stand the test of time

Why Work At RedLock?
Far more than a competent computer security company, RedLock is also esteemed for having a favorable work environment. Here are some reasons why.

  • Employees take pride in selling RedLock’s state-of-the-art products
  • Management encourages staffers to formulate new initiatives
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Fellow colleagues bolster confidence
  • Employees are rewarded handsomely for their efforts
  • They offer the “hottest tech in the valley”
  • Staffers aren’t expected to compromise family life for work
  • The CEO strives to be a part of operations
  • Their leaders are innovative, in turn fostering progressive values

Who Have They Worked With?
There’s no refuting that RedLock’s eminence has created enduring prosperity. In fact, they boast an impressive clientele list. Below are some corporations who’ve experienced RedLock’s unique and successful services, read more about RedLock at Aquion: 

  • Veeva
  • Mattress Firm
  • 21st Century Fox
  • Laureate International Services
  • Relativity
  • Rally
  • Schonfeld
  • Axfood
  • Zipongo
  • Autogravity
  • Featured Partners

Twistlock Keeps You Safe

Twistlock Helps Customers Keep Their Containers Safe In Our Technological World

The attacks of the future that we could be facing are likely of the technological variety. This is because technology is playing an increasingly important role in our lives, and because we are starting to rely on that same technology to help us do even the most basic of tasks these days. Things that we did not use to have to rely on electronics for are suddenly only being done electronically. That makes them vulnerable to attack.

These are the types of things that the people at Twistlock think about all the time. They are the leading technology security firm when it comes to protecting shipping containers. Although that work is highly critical to the success of our society, it is not the only thing that they do anymore. They are also heavily focused on making sure that our consumer electronics are safe as well.

Twistlock has watched as more and more devices have become connected devices. These means that they are tied into the cloud in some way or fashion. In other words, Twistlock by Aquion feed data into another system somewhere and perhaps even store data internally as well. This is important because the more connected devices there are, the more points of entry those who wish to do us harm have.

In order to stop this kind of thing, Twistlock has its own unique program that learns to identify patterns of its users to figure out what is normal activity for them. This is a unique feature that is only available with Twistlock products. They want their system to learn as much as possible about the customer’s particular way of doing things so as to be able to pick out when there is some type of activity that is outside of the norm. At the same time, there is no human control behind all of this. It is simply a machine that is learning very rapidly to identify patterns. That means that it can work quickly and more accurately.

Shipping containers do remain as a large part of what Twistlock protects. They want to make sure that anything coming into or out of a customer’s port is safe material and that it has not been tampered with in any way that could make it harmful to the end user. Most companies care about this particular service offered by Twistlock because they realize just how important it is to maintain the trust that their customers have put in them to deliver products that are safe.
Twistlock is already the industry leader in shipping container technological safety, so you know that this means that they have worked very diligently to make sure those containers are the safest around. Twistlock from has a head start on the rest of the industry in this particular field, and now that they are expanding into more consumer protections, you will probably hear a lot more about them in the near future as well. Listen to what you hear about them and see if there is something positive that you can glean from what they do.

Working Hand in Hand with Crowdstrike

Working Hand In Hand With Crowdstrike

Any respectably sized business will have an IT security team that they hire for in-house work to keep their data and technology safe. It is something that is commonplace these days, and it is the only way to rest assured at the end of the day that you and your customers are completely safe from the threats that loom out there. Believe it or not, those threats are larger than you think.

Crowdstrike has done a great job creating products that can work seamlessly with the in-house solutions that you already have. They produce a number of technologies that all fly under the banner of “Falcon”. There is Falcon Overwatch, Falcon Discover, Falcon Prevent, and more. Each of these individual services from Crowdstrike at Aquion provides a unique element to the task of keeping your data and information secure. That is all that the company wants to do as part of its mission to be the very best cyber-security firm out there. So far, they have done an excellent job of this, and it has helped them to earn a lot of new customers along the way.

Crowdstrike is great because they do not require you to drop everything that you have been doing with cyber security. In reality, they would like to work with the existing infrastructure that you already have in order to build out something that is more powerful and better at detecting threats than ever before. You might be surprised by how well this works out for them. Crowdstrike has prevented countless attacks for their customers, and they only continue to get better at what they do.
The customers really appreciate that Crowdstrike keeps up to date with the latest threats to technology. The reality is that those threats are changing all the time. The only way to have a truly effective security system is to change with the times as well. You can make a difference in your ability to prevent attacks from happening, but you need some help from some of the security firms that are out there to provide that help to you.

What is the system that you are using right now to keep yourself safe from harm? Could it be enhanced with the help of a 24/7 monitoring team like the ones offered from Crowdstrike? These are the kinds of questions that you have to ask yourself. Find out more at Aquion:

The problem with what many other companies do in terms of technology security is that they only react after something bad has already happened. In other words, they call their IT professionals after hours and ask them to take a look at something that is happening to the system. By the time it is even apparently that something is wrong, the hackers could have gotten away with stealing all kinds of data. It is not a system that works. Instead, we should try to figure out the best way to prevent attacks before they ever happen in the first place. The answer there is to go with Crowdstrike.

Rapid7 Cybersecurity Company


Rapid7 is a cybersecurity company that creates an impenetrable barrier between hackers and online sources through a series of data-driven initiatives. Committed to safeguarding the vast digital realm, Rapid7 implements a slew of approaches that intend to “drive vulnerability management.” As a result, their solutions “amplify productivity” while instilling relief in internet users. The prospect of revolutionizing the SecOps movement fuels their efforts, in turn invoking an unwavering desire to innovate. In fact, Rapid7’s already pioneered numerous inventions. Below is a review of said ingenious creations, which you can get at Rapid7 Aquion


  • Offers endpoint monitoring
  • Remediation planning
  • Assessments
  • Risk analysis reports
  • Liveboards


  • Analyzes behavior
  • Deception technology
  • Detects endpoints
  • Delivers full visibility
  • Attacks dubious influences
  • Details timelines


  • Shows replay of attacks
  • Translator
  • Compliance and remediation reports
  • Scanning capabilities
  • Scheduling and blackout options
  • Upwards of 100 attack types


  • Monitors performance
  • Full transparency features
  • IT compliance reports
  • Automation features
  • Troubleshooting


  • Detects attackers
  • Reports suspects
  • Malware protection
  • Promptly responds to hackers
  • Diminishes risk of future attacks


  • Collects hacker data
  • Network security
  • Prioritizes leading suspects
  • Verifies probability of future attacks
  • Rapidly mitigates issues


  • Details security landscape
  • Automates tasks
  • Offers malware protection
  • Reduces amount of time tracking hackers
  • Hunts for threats
  • Investigates phishing emails

Primary services
While the aforementioned products may seem like the extent of Rapid7’s services, Rapid7 Aquion offer far more than that. In fact, here’s a list of Rapid7’s full suite of services.

  • IoT security
  • Vulnerability management
  • Training
  • Advanced SIEM
  • Application security
  • Certifications
  • Advisory services
  • IT operations
  • Integration
  • Incident response
  • Comparison reports
  • Consulting services
  • Managed services
  • Penetration testing

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